I'm back! I'm back!

I'm baaaack!!!!!! It's just that life has been very busy and depressed over the past couple of weeks and I was in no mood to ... er.. even smile let alone write a blog.
So what have we been up to ya?

1. The girls are back at school. Busy balik ler joining other parents on the road sending and picking up kids at schools. And Alia moved up to a secondary school this year which effectively made us feel much older - ya lah kan anak dah ada kat sekolah menengah. It also opened up more bones for us to pick on at the country's education system. (anyway, found out that a certain topics yang Arissa need to learn in her Year 5 science subject was quite similar to Form Three syllabus. Mak aii! nak jadikan bebudak ni apa ye pak menteri?)

2. We are sooooo into The Amazing Race Asia. Go Jo Jer and Zabrina!!!!!! TAR Asia is so very different from the US version as the contestants are much more nicer and friendlier - except perhaps the Thai team Andy and Laura. Even then they are still bearable although Andy did look as he's trying to be as sneaky as Rob Mariano. And we also love M&M (i will definitely be behaving like them If I were to enter the race) and the priceless team from Sri Lanka Howard and Sahran). Kelakar ler!!!!

3. I just found out that Rain tu a singer from Korea. La mati-mati ingatkan dia mamat Cina Hong Kong. Thanks, Safia.

4. Just found out that my daughters listen to Hitz.fm. Waah! Yang bapak nya masih kat Sinar.fm. Generation gap, indeed.

5. Arissa is becoming more and more like Asma. For example macam these two incidents:

Situasi Satu
Arissa: Mak, kenapa mak kahwin ngan bapak?
Mak: La, kenapa?
Arissa: Tak de la! cuma bapak tu bukannya handsome pun!!!!

(Bapak kata: helloooo! Tolong sikit. Tak handsome lagi macam ni?!!?)

Scene Two
Ini masa melawat Mak Temoh yang uzur kat rumah my brother in Shah Alam - masa ni kami dalam bilik kat bawah and I just ambik one bantal yang ada kat situ and letak atas riba Yan dan nak baring ler. And then....

Arissa: Ha! Tu nak buat seks le tu!!!!
Opah: Ya Allah!!! (nasib tak sakit jantung Opah)

(Bapak: er...er...er)