Kids I Adore!!

Last week, I flew up north and met up with these adorable nephews and a niece. Many years ago, the parents   (my cousins) of these wonderful kids spent lots of time at our place and at the same time helped us look after the three daughters. Now, its their turn to enjoy the ride!!

From left: Adi (Ayah Ngah's current best friend), Zikri (a very wary handsome little guy) and Ihsan (a very friendly  curious little fella)

The new additions: Ilman (left) and the one and only beauty Sarah.


The best mirror in the world is an old friend.

According to a certain John Leonard, it takes a long time to grow an old friend. And I say, it sure takes a long time to grow bigger and bald too - 30 years to be exact.


A Day Out With Arissa

Last Saturday, bapak and mak accompanied Arissa to a certain anime and manga exhibition in Sungei Wang Plaza , KL. Being an anime and manga fan yang tegar, Arissa was suitably excited. Unlike the two parents who till today are still clueless about all these anime and manga business. What's the difference between the two, anyway?

The exhibition was organised by Gempak Starz (most probably the most well known manga publisher in Malaysia). Funny thing is that the wifey keeps on referring organiser as Gangstarz!!!!
It was an okay event, I guess, complete with a Cosplay competition and all - although I can only identify Spiderman (very skinny one though), Mario of Super Mario fame and the awkward looking Hellboy.

Now, Arissa is really excited and can't wait for a bigger Comic Fiesta to roll by on Dec 17th weekend. Uhuhhh!!!

The two parents

My Two Cats!!

A picture can be deceiving you know.... just saying!!!


Father-Daughter Day Out

The older my daughters get, the more it's sinking in that I don't have much time left to spend with them! My youngest turns 15 today. And the two older ones will, in a year or two, be going to college.

Many said that it's hard to find things to do with your teenage daughter. You might be busy, they might have better things to do. But I am blessed because I don’t really have problems in that area.

The thing is I make it a point to keep up with their interest like movies and music and…. books. Yes, we read a lot and books, in some way, do help making our relationships closer.

Once in a while, the wifey and I will make it a point to go out with one daughter. It's not that we plan it but mostly the day out would be an impromptu act. It can just be a trip to the stationery store or to a mamak stall but I find that these are great bonding moments.

Like the other day, the second daughter and I went to Suria KLCC with a mission to buy some Japanese foodstuff at Isetan. You see, we wanted to surprise Arissa with a Japanese-themed birthday dinner at home. The trip was unplanned, really.

It was after I sent my eldest daughter off to her study group that I concluded that since it’s a Deepavali holiday, I might as well do something worthwhile rather than taking a long nap. So off we went to Suria KLCC. Wifey willingly stayed back with Arissa as we do not want to spoil the surprise.

We have, of course, been to Suria KLCC countless times, but it was still fun because this time around we stumbled upon the Petronas Gallery.

Then we had lunch (Japanese, of course) at the Food Court and then we went to our favorite place in the whole wide Malaysia – Kinokuniya. We spent hours browsing in Kino and then had some coffee and got excited over Kathy Reich’s latest book.

A trip to Isetan supermarket later capped our father-daughter day out. I tell you that shopping at Isetan is an experience because we were attended to by a very nice Japanese manager who not only helped us to find the right halal Japanese food stuff but also he gave us, with the help of one Isetan’s chef, a free lesson on how to make an amazing miso soup. Isn’t that just cool?

Anyway, we have had the birthday dinner last week (a runaway success, I must say). We had it a week earlier because we figured that we would be busy with Raya Haji this week.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Arissa Sweetheart! May Allah Blessed You Always!!!