Affan's Wedding

After days of hari yang maha panas, it was pouring heavily today. Hujan lebat giler. Hari kenduri kahwin Affan pulak tu. Alhamdulillah, hujan rahmat.

Bapak's family and the newlyweds
The pengantins ngan the groom's parents

Keluarga Kak, Mak and the pengantins

The pengantins ngan the flower girls

Ceria di dalam hujan - Yan, Nurul and Shida.

Asma and Alia yang baru bangun tidur. Blur blur terus jadi flower girls
IIzzati pun baru bangun tidur tapi Arissa tak tidur pun. Tu nampak ceria tu.

Mat Bunga in the making - Farid.

Opah Kampar ngan sepupu Kak Zai, Kak Lat yang ikut kak datang dari Perak.

Shida, Aisyah and Bapak sebelum hujan.

Pengantin dan flower girls kitar semula. Missing from the original series are Aisyah (sebab tak de baju) and Hadim sebab absent.

Faizah, Yan, Yong and Ana.
Kak and Yan

Yan and Yong

Flower girls - Izzati, Asma, Arissa and Alia

Di atas tangga - Shida, Asma, Alia, Faizah, Ana, Aisyah, Izzati and Arissa

Mak and anak cucu

Genting of Genting.

As per entry a couple of days ago, we did a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia at Genting a week ago. Here are some of the pix:

Winter holiday

Kat Times Square Depan London Bus

Naik gondola (left)

Ready for a spin (right) Cruising on a reindeer

Latest on Bapak's life

1. Mak met up with a cardiologist last Thursday. She needs to undergo some kind of test to determine whether her heart is strong enough to undergo a surgery to remove the uterus. The test is scheduled in two weeks.

2. Today (07.07.07) Affan selamat diijab-kabul with Zila, automatically became our first nephew to tie the knot. Alhamdulillah! Tomorrow is the reception at Nyah's place in Cheras. Pix will be posted later. Too tired, just came back from Cheras. And very sleepy.