March 2011 In A Flash

1. I'm officially very very old. I was down with fever ( complete with incessant coughing and running nose) and it took me like forever to recover. It has been almost three weekends and I'm still feeling lethargic somewhat. Definitely the old age.
2. And when I'm sick I become extra lazy (and I neglect this space, obviously). Not good.
3. But in between all these drowsiness and sickness, I still made the time to attend my cousin's kenduri aqiqah for her latest grandson in early March (or was it in Feb?) and a wedding of another cousin's son in Ampang. Nice. Especially the nasi mendi.
4. And we also found time to watch I Am No. Four. We enjoyed it! 
5. And last weekend, we also made our way to my BIL's place in Sg Buloh and am happy to note that our nephew Shibli is now up and walking. Almost back to his old self. Alhamdulillah!
6. On the same day, the two daughters, Alia and Asma attended a Yayasan Salam's beginners' workshop where they took part in some community work by cleaning up a river somewhere in Gombak. That's way cool! 

The girls (extreme left) and others during some briefing session



The river that they cleaned up... doesn't look like a river, though!

7. Apart from all these happenings (how exciting right?), there's really nothing much going on in this household. And yes, I still hate maths.
8. And oh no, Perempuan Comel No 1 (those who follow my Facebook would know that's the wife) is now down with a fever. Hope she gets well soon!