Harapan Arissa (for Japan)

Yesterday, Arissa woke up early because she wanted to go to a  Pray for Japan Charity Sale (to raise funds for the Japanese tsunami victims) at the One Academy in Sunway. Titled Harapan or Hope, the event is more like a manga-influenced artbook and exhibition project.  And apparently Arissa has, through a Facebook, submitted her own artwork to support the event.

Once we arrived at the venue, we were greeted by this Wall of Hope. The organiser has printed out artworks sent in by those who are good at this sort of things and posted it up un the wall.... and visitors can bring home these artworks by simply donating RM5 for a piece. And voila..... Arissa's work also made the cut... 
The ecstatic Arissa pointing up to her first ever published work (the organiser also compiled these works in a book too) and it's  all for a noble cause. 
The sisters came along to share Arissa's accomplishment.. hehehe
And of course Bapak and Mak are mighty proud of Arissa!!!!

Minta Pada Allah! Reminder to Self.