Oh no! Its Monday again!!!

Hmmm, let's see what I have to do later today. Busy betul la duduk kat sini.


Team Building: What a Memory

The Malaysian Business team

It's a given that I don't do outdoor. So it was with much trepidation that I went for the office's team building exercise held in PD a week ago. The last time I was required to attend such an event was like 29 years ago (yes two nine years ago!!!) when I had to represent my school to some GPMS' kursus kepimpinan. I remembered then that my friends and I took a bus to Kuala Kangsar's Clifford school and stayed there for three nights.... only thing that I did not participated in any activities then as I was down with a high fever once I reached the school. So I was bed ridden throughout my stay there... how swell kan?

Anyway, back to the recent team building in PD... I found it fascinating and I actually had loads of fun. Even the outdoor activities were delightfully exciting. Of course, there's the obligatory tug-of-war where my service (apparently I was deemed a cargo ship.. hahah!!) was very much sought after. And to make it more interesting, a company dinner was held as well and I really enjoyed the evening. But the best thing about the whole thing was that it offered me a chance to get to know my work colleagues a little bit more.

It was a blast. Thanks BP!


Its 2011!

Time don't really flies anymore... it zooms past us at lightning speed, yes? And here we are in 2011. And I have decided ... err.... resolved (its a better word, considering) to blog more this year. I intend to preserve many more memories, no matter how small or mundane it may be to others. Because this is where I want to go back to reflect and re-live the joy many years down the road. InsyaAllah.

So what's up this early in 2011?

One thing for sure, the three girls are back to school and the good news is all are in the morning session.... legaaaa! No more braving the evening traffic jams to reach school before darkness....
Anyways, here are the girls just after they reached home on the first day of school in 2011. Hujan lebat woooo... And as they entered the house.. they were greeted by the following sight below..

kunun2 merajuk... kunun2 boringla kot sebab tak da sapa kawan main in the morning. Yeah right!!