My brother becomes a blogger ... and my wife creates another blog

a) My eldest brother, Mior Azli, has finally succumbed and now he, too, is a blogger. It's long time coming for him though as I always believed that he should have one (the blog, I mean) a long time ago. Although a trained engineer, he also dabbles in self awareness, team awareness and leadership awareness and development programmes. designed by himself, I must say these are very interesting programmes. And with the blog, now he can share his thoughts and takes on those issues which are very dear and close to his heart. To know more please visit Mior Azli.

b) My wife (mrsgoodthings) has came up with another blog. The existing blog is more like a lifestyle blog where she writes about stuff she likes, primarily cooking and baking. Now that she's venturing into Internet business of her own, she decides that she needs another blog - a more business-centric one. Hence, the new blog at AzianHasan.

Happy Blogging and Happy Reading!