Pantun Untuk Anda Semua

Kepada Sekelian Tuan-tuan dan Puan-Puan, Saudara Saudari Semua,

The New Year is coming! And the election is coming! The election is coming! I have stumbled upon a rather appropriate pantun for all of us. It goes like this:

Kalau Mencari Tempat Mandi
Pertama Teluk Kedua Pantai
Kalau Mencari Pemimpin Negeri
Pertama Elok Kedua Pandai.

Just a reminder:
The elok here refers to his or her "keperibadian" and "kejujuran" (not someone who has gone under the knife or has been injected with botox bagai and now she or he spots a brand new look.
And the pandai here refers not to those who are pandai only berkata-kata, pandai using a penyapu to sweep everything under the carpet, or pandai hiding behind ISA, the police and the mainstream media as and when it suits them... etc etc.
Okay? I'm going to work now. Bye!

(p.s: the pantun was apparently uttered by a certain menteri sometime in the 80s. As usual I ciplak it here lah!)