This Is Cinta!

Who would have thought that I will marry this wonderful and beautiful woman? I knew her when she was still a baby for she is my parents' best friend's daughter. But after they moved away to Kampar, we rarely saw each other. Almost never.
Then our mothers decided to play cupid - and we sort of went along with that, without qualms. (But of course, nowadays she would tell everybody that "dia kena kahwin paksa dulu!!)
We were almost strangers when were first married with only three outings between April 1993, when we got engaged and Nov 1993. Dating would not be an appropriate term here because it's not as one was simply a trip to my brother's place in Shah Alam with her niece Nisah while the other was when I picked her up at her office and sent her to Pudu (only once, okay). And the last one was when she accompanied me to a dentist in Kampar.
But like many "bertunang" couple we spoke on the phone almost everyday. However, when I dropped by at her place for lunch (which happened almost everytime I "balik kampung"), we hardly talked to each other. I just came, sengih-sengih, sembang sikit with bakal mak mentua, makan and balik. Prompting the MIL to ponder out loud, "telefon lama-lama banyak pulak cakap ya?" Yes, our pre-marriage relationships was on that level.
Alhamdulillah, after we got "nikah" on 19 Nov 1993, we found out that we are compatible in every imaginable way. And both of us work hard at maintaining that compatiblity.. even till to this very day.
I could not have asked for a better life than this one I'm having now. Because I'm spending it with Yan.
Thank You For 14 Glorious Years Of My Life! And InsyAllah, For Many More Years To Come!
Happy Anniversary. Cinta ini Tiada Akhirnya!