What A Start!

Been Busy. Work. And Play. Also School Reopened. Triple Busy. Parents Were Told No More School Fees. Yip Yip Hoooray! But Other Fees Awaited. Haaa! What? Many Grumbled. And More Protested. Education Minister Merajuk. Said The Government Has Subsidised Millions. Parents Very Ungrateful and Still In "Subsidy Mode". How To Move Forward, Like That?

The Thing Is, Wahai Datuk Minister, Why Bother Announcing The Removal Of School Fees Only To Replace It With Other "More Expensive" Fees. Fees Like Yuran Tandas Or Yuran MSSM. For The Record, My Daughters Never Ever Participated In Their School Sports Day Let Alone MSSM Event. And My Sister In Law (In Small Town Perak) Is Paying Significantly More For Her Son Than Us Here In KL. Why Like That? So Datuk Minister, No Need To Merajuk lah. Just Standardise The Whole System. We Pay. And The Election Is Coming, Kan?

So That's Basically The Start To My 2008. Nothing Exciting, Really. (And I Still Owe Pak Zabs A Tag). Anyway Happy New Year Again.