Buka Puasa Feast ... and we don't need fancy hotel buffet to enjoy it.

Iftar is definitely a happy time. These past two days we had guests over for iftar. And the wife together with our delightful Kak Encik (Yan's cousin) cooked up a storm that all enjoyed immensely. Let's the photos explain....

The chef and the cook
Sibs - Nisah and Affan

The host and the guest
The mom and the bro

The lauks - ayam masak merah, lemak keli belimbing, kari daging, hati lembu rendang and sayur campur
The mascot???? The cucu!!!
The appetiser and the desserts - yummm yummy
The fruits

Sessi bertemu menantu
The guests
Appetiser - Mee rebus
The dessert
More desserts