Tennis 101

For some really strange reason, I love watching tennis, particularly the Grand Slam over the television. But of course, I don’t play tennis. (tried it in college for a while ... but never got the hang of it, though).

I think tennis is the sole purpose why we subscribed to sports channel over Astro. Because I don’t do EPL or err football, that’s for sure. Which I guess is a good thing for the rest of isi rumah as I won’t be fighting for the remote control except during Grand Slams.

Anyway seeing that I was kinda glued to the telly earlier this month watching the Wimbledon, the wife decided to finally join me and learn a little bit about the games. Now, for a newcomer, understanding how the points are accumulated in tennis can be a bit confusing and tedious. Come to think of it... memang pun!!!! So it took us (Asma and me) a while to make Yan understand the whole concept of tennis.

However, by the time the singles’ finals were underway, I’m happy to note that Yan has finally able to grasp the whole thing. Which let us to these two conversations:

Ladies Singles Final
Serena Williams was clearly dominating the game, much to Yan’s dismay who for some reason (she thinks Venus more better looking????) was rooting for the older sibling.

Yan: Ish ish kenapa ngan Venus ni hari ni?
Asma: Oh dia ada masalah kewangan tu!!!!!!
(I love my daughter!!)

Men’s Singles Final
As Federer and Roddick battling out point-by-point and set-by-set, Yan was watching very intently.

Yan: Okay, I know. If the score reach 6-6, then both will go into tea-break!
Us: (Ketawa berguling-guling)

(I simply love my wife!!!)