Heyo heyo its mid jan oredy!! And our first 2012 get-together!

I've got tons of things to write and share but just could not find the time.... (lazy pun ya). It's already 2012.
The other day, we drove up to Cyberjaya where we , courtesy of nephew Affan, enjoyed possibly the best Nasi Arab so far. (lapar pun ya). And it's great fun to meet up with my brother in law's family as well. Here's some of the pix....

Awesome food and company!!

Tuan Rumah Majlis and Tukang Belanja. Hail Affan!!!

An aunt and two nephews (two other nephews can't make it)
Aidil and his two tantes - Tante Cha and Tante Lia

Ain, the centre of attention and attraction that petang, with Tante Ma and Tok Uncle.

Simply loving this - Ain and her Oyang.