Menjelang Raya

I don't ever remember myself feeling this exhausted towards the end of Ramadan. Must be the age. And it could probably be the weight, too.

It doesn't help that I was down with food poisoning these past few days. A really bad case of food poisoning and I simply could not bring myself to even read the blogs. Yeah it's really bad - try fasting while you are having diarrhea. Damn that air tebu kat Pasar Ramadan USJ4. I'm so not going to drink sugar cane juice ever again!

And of course, taking care of Mak who's recovering from her surgery (no complain here) can be stressful at times. But at the same time fulfilling as she's getting better each day. Alhamdulillah!

And let's not talk about the workload at the office. Bagi lah chan kami nak enjoy Raya?

And the girls are having their final year exams right up until the last day of school (why ler cikgu buat bulan puasa... lepas Raya kan banyak masa lagi?). Ooh, penat!!!

No wonder, I don't feel like Raya's coming. How's your Raya preparation coming along, my friends?