A Panda is also my favourite animal

The girls watched Kungfu Panda movie a couple of weeks ago with their cousin at Kinta City. We, Yan and I, didn't join them. But after the movie, we went and pick them up and Alia was all: "Bapak, you should see the movie. It's hillarious and the panda is sooooo cute and funny. And you would be proud that you are fat!!!!".
And I was like: "????????????"
Anyway just like Horton the Elephant in March, Po the Panda is a gem (yeah watched it over the weekend online). It's a simple story about Po the Panda (voice of Jack Black) which dreams of being a martial-arts master but is, in reality, a fat, lazy, black-and-white slob (like me??). But when his town is threatened by evildoers, a group of real kung fu experts need to transform Po into the legendary "Chosen One," who is destined to save the day. What happened next was classic animation at its best.
Go see the movie...it might take your mind off the problems around us (fuel increase an all...) for a while.