Ingatan Hari Jumaat

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Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda bahawa, "Malaikat Jibrail A.S, Mikail A.S., Israfil A.S. dan Izrail A.S. telah berkata kepadaKu:

"Berkata Jibrail A.S.:"Wahai Rasulullah, barangsiapa yang membaca Selawat ke atasmu tiap-tiap hari sebanyak sepuluh kali, makan akan saya bimbing tangannya dan akan saya bawa dia melintasi Titian Siratul Mustaqiim seperti kilat menyambar.

"Berkata pula Mikail A.S.:"Mereka yang berSelawat ke atas kamu akan aku beri mereka itu minum dari telagamu.

"Berkata pula Israfil A.S.:"Mereka yang berSelawat kepadamu akan aku sujud kepada Allah S.W.T. Dan aku tidak akan mengangkat kepalaku sehingga Allah S.W.T. mengampuni orang itu.

"Malaikat Izrail A.S. pula berkata:"Bagi mereka yang berSelawat ke atasmu, akan aku cabut roh mereka itu dengan selembut-lembutnya seperti aku mencabut roh para Nabi.


As life goes on in Malaysia....


When Sharifah Amani won her best actress award at last year’s Malaysian Film Festival, and uttered the infamous line “I sound stupid when I speak Malay!” during her acceptance speech, many people went into an overdrive and vilified her. One minister was reported to be very angry even! Tiada Maaf bagi mu, Amani!!!
But when a certain Malaysian student in Taiwan (Wee Meng Chee) posted his rap parody of the Negaraku recently, many people also got offended. But two cabinet ministers jumped the gun and came to his defence.
From the Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek: “The MCA has accepted the apology and I hope the government and all Malaysians will accept it too.”
From Information Minister Datuk ZAM: “ He should not be punished but instead be guided and educated to enable him to understand the basics and to distinguish between political and national issues.”
But later on, during a weekly Cabinet meeting last Wednesday, the cabinet decided that it is not in a position to accept Wee’s public apology to the government and Malaysians for mocking the national anthem. Waah!

Bapak: Have watched the video. Don’t understand it as it is in Hokkien. But I’m certainly not happy – there should be a limit to freedom of expression. And if I’m the two ministers who defended Wee earlier on, I’ll be sooo malu I’ll resign right away.


A close friend is stressed out. He works in a government organisation that gives out funding to new upstart projects. And he’s directly involved in approving and disbursing the fund to those qualified. Only thing is that here more often than not, those who are qualified for the funding is usually based not on the criteria set by the organisation but rather based on the approval and recommendation of a certain Minister. And why am I not surprised?
Recently, his organisation co-organised a certain signing agreement ceremony with a Ministry. You know, the usual works - rent a hotel meeting room, set up table, invite the press, jamuan teh etc etc. From 2pm to 5pm.
Total cost of the event: a whopping RM100,000 (with around RM90,000 went to AV equipment rental alone). And guess which co-organiser had to foot the entire cost?

Bapak: No wonder kawan aku ni stress.


Elsewhere in Malaysia, everything is hunky dory. No crime, no inflation, no rakyat teraniaya. But got monkeys laaar.

Bapak: Oh! My Malaysia!