I was going through my old boxes earlier and stumbled upon these two vintage photos.... and had a good laugh with the girls.... Its the wedding pictures of their grandparents. I must say their weddings looked much more happening than ours. Hmm.

1961 - My father in law with mother in law. In their western garb... a must for many Malay weddings even back then. And there's a typewritten caption at the back of the pix: Perkahwinan Antara Suami & Isteri. Ia-Itu Si-Hasan Dengan Si-Siah. Hahahaha... how very 60s.

1962 - My bapak and mak. In a more traditional getup fit for Raja Sehari. I noticed too that in those days, the pelamin(dais) usually would be decorated with plants or pokok bunga yang ditanam sendiri di rumah.
1993 - Our wedding. we didn't do the bersanding and therefore no pelamin for us. And this picture is the closest thing that we have to the bersanding ceremony.

Three weddings different decades... wonder how my daughters (panjang umur and murah rezeki) weddings will turn out?
By the way, one trivia question.... The three weddings above had one thing in common. What is it? Take a guess....