This Is Cinta!

Who would have thought that I will marry this wonderful and beautiful woman? I knew her when she was still a baby for she is my parents' best friend's daughter. But after they moved away to Kampar, we rarely saw each other. Almost never.
Then our mothers decided to play cupid - and we sort of went along with that, without qualms. (But of course, nowadays she would tell everybody that "dia kena kahwin paksa dulu!!)
We were almost strangers when were first married with only three outings between April 1993, when we got engaged and Nov 1993. Dating would not be an appropriate term here because it's not as one was simply a trip to my brother's place in Shah Alam with her niece Nisah while the other was when I picked her up at her office and sent her to Pudu (only once, okay). And the last one was when she accompanied me to a dentist in Kampar.
But like many "bertunang" couple we spoke on the phone almost everyday. However, when I dropped by at her place for lunch (which happened almost everytime I "balik kampung"), we hardly talked to each other. I just came, sengih-sengih, sembang sikit with bakal mak mentua, makan and balik. Prompting the MIL to ponder out loud, "telefon lama-lama banyak pulak cakap ya?" Yes, our pre-marriage relationships was on that level.
Alhamdulillah, after we got "nikah" on 19 Nov 1993, we found out that we are compatible in every imaginable way. And both of us work hard at maintaining that compatiblity.. even till to this very day.
I could not have asked for a better life than this one I'm having now. Because I'm spending it with Yan.
Thank You For 14 Glorious Years Of My Life! And InsyAllah, For Many More Years To Come!
Happy Anniversary. Cinta ini Tiada Akhirnya!


When you are bored.....

This arrived in the inbox recently. Since I've got nothing interesting to share (buntu lar), I'll post this instead. I'm really bored... need something to amuse myself.

See what's in your neighbour's rubbish/trash (Amusement Potential: 20-30 minutes)
You can learn a lot about people by what they throw out. You might uncover some dark secret about them. Plus, they might be throwing out something with value that still works, like a VCR or some magazine

Step off a curb with eyes shut, imagine it's a cliff (Amusement Potential: 2-5 minutes)
To get any benefit out of this one, you have to have a good imagination. Don't step off immediately, build up to the jump. Study the ravine below. Feel the winds at that altitude. Step off and...AHHHHHH!!!!!

Burn things with a magnifying glass (Amusement Potential: 5-30 minutes)
Ants are always fun to use for this, but burning the face of someone you don't like, under some circumstances, can be just as entertaining.

Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show(Amusement Potential: 1-5 minutes)
See a variety of blobs, stars and flashes. Try to make out shapes and see if your subconscious is trying to send you a message (perhaps that funny shape is saying, 'send all your money to urban75.com'?)

See how long you can hold a note (Amusement Potential: 4-20 minutes)
Not that much fun, but it sure passes the time. Play with a friend, or try to beat your own personal best. Inhale deeply and then try and make a noise for as long as you can. Earn extra points for making your partner laugh or ending on an amusing note.

Try to not think about penguins (Amusement Potential: 1-5 minutes)
This is especially hard, because by trying too much, you remember what you were trying to avoid thinking of. If you try too little, you end up thinking about penguins anyway.

Use your secret mind power (Amusement Potential: 5-10 minutes)
Pick a passing by and try to use your mind power to command them do something, like drop their bag or knock into someone. The law of averages dictates that sooner or later one of your mind commands will come true, so you can convince yourself that you really have super human powers and waste even more time trying them out.

Scratch yourself (Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
Go ahead, scratch yourself now. Even if nothing itches, go ahead. Doesn't that feel pretty good?

Rate passers by (Amusement Potential: 10-15 minutes)
Secretly award passers by marks out of ten as you go along, offering (unsaid) expert criticism over their clothing, hairstyle and footwear choices.

Pinch yourself (Amusement Potential: 1-3 minutes)
What is pain? Why is it unpleasant? There's nothing physical about it - it's all in your mind. Plus, after pinching yourself for awhile, boredom will seem nice next to being in pain.

Try to swallow your tongue (Amusement Potential: 1-2 minutes)
There's not much to say about this one. It is possible, but really stupid.

When watching TV – especially shows like CSI or Heroes - , repeat everything said in Manglish.(Amusement Potential: 5-10 minutes)
Sort of entertaining.

When watching TV, tune into Malay Dramas.(Amusement Potential: Lifetime)
Make sure you watch Drama Melayu with scripts that go like: “Ini failnya Tuan.” or “Adakah anda menemui kesukaran di dalam menghadapi pembelajarananda di sini?” (instead of “Okay ker kau belajar kat sini?”)


Celebrating life ... my way!

Mrsgoodthings@home went to school this morning. UPSR result out. She was initially .. er. calm. Until she reached the school and met with scores of parents .. mostly mothers. And everybody .. mostly mothers.. were on the brink of nervous breakdown. And naturally mrsgoodthingsa@home became agitated too. Who wouldn't when... mothers mostly... some unknown to her... came up and asked "what if my child didn't get 5As?" before moving on wailing to some others.
For crying out loud...it's not the end of the world! It's only UPSR. Tomorrow, all will be forgotten. Life moves on.
Having said all that, to My Asma, congratulations baby! Am happy for you. Congrats to your bestest friends too - Anis, Fatihah and even Amyrah. Stay cool, girls! And oh! yes, congrats to other anak-anak who achieved good results too. I'm sure your parents and teachers are bursting with pride and happiness. Alhamdulillah!
And, Asma, as I told you the night before, even if you did not get a single A pun, Bapak will be okay. Mak too. Just be a good girl! A good Muslimah Girl! That's more important, really!
And have fun and celebrate life! (and it does not revolve around string of As only)

By the way, yesterday both of us went to school for a Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan Sekolah. My Arissa received an anugerah for coming out third in her class. I'm especially happy and proud for when she's younger... for some reasons many pointed out that she's not normal. Granted, Arissa was rather slow to talk. Even her kindergarten teacher once told us to have Arissa checked by a doctor… simply because she still can’t read at the tender age of 5. Some teacher, right?
And "well-meaning" relatives and friends can be cruel too... how do you respond to words of "encouragement" like "dia ni cacat sikit!" when referring to then five year old Arissa. Imagine that? And do not get me started on the things said behind our back (yes words did get around!). For crying out loud...
So, excuse me yaa, this one I gotta celebrate. Big time! Wohoooo!!!!

I will never ever (never did, anyway) compare my kids with other people's children. You may ask about their performances in school and all that. I will answer it truthfully (depending on my mood... lar jugak). Period. Please, don't bother to compare yours to mine. And if your kids are positively brilliant than mine, don't you think such an exercise is rather pointless.
Afterall, I'm sure that you wholeheartedly believe that your kids are better than my kids, anyway. And I tell you... I am happy for your children. I really do.
But if you still insist on comparing them... just do it at your end. Please keep it to yourself, ya.... because I am far too busy......celebrating life with my kids and wife!


A Magic Moment I Remember

I was browsing the Net aimlessly these past few days. Can't think of anything worthwhile to blog. A classic case of blogger's block (it means plain lazy). So I hopped over to several blogs and read many dedications from husbands to wives celebrating their anniversaries. Ah! Very sweet. Oh! It's November already, no wonder so many anniversaries. Soon many Majlis Walimah will take place. Many more people will join the November couples to observe their anniversaries this month nex year. Alhamdulillah.

And I continued surfing. Then I chanced upon this poem. A beautiful poem, indeed. So I'm dedicating this one to My Yan.

A Magic Moment I Remember
A magic moment I remember:
I raised my eyes and you were there.
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that's beautiful and rare.
I pray to mute despair and anguish
To vain pursuits the world esteems,
Long did I near your soothing accents,
Long did your features haunt my dreams.
Time passed- A rebel storm-blast scattered
The reveries that once were mine
And I forgot your soothing accents,
Your features gracefully divine.
In dark days of enforced retirement
I gazed upon grey skies above
With no ideals to inspire me,
No one to cry for, live for, love.
Then came a moment of renaissance,
I looked up- you again are there,
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that`s beautiful and rare.
- by Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837)


My 11 Year Old Baby Girl

This is Arissa, our youngest. To me she will forever be my baby girl. And when I'm in my mischievous mood, I'll call her "baby girl". Even in public. Which, of course annoyed her no end. And she would normally ignore me then. Arissa can be very funny in her own way. And can be quite eccentric. For one, she speaks a rather formal Bahasa Melayu. Orang sekarang kata skema. And she addresses herself as "saya" as opposed to her sisters who use their names as gantinama. Even now, she uses "saya".When she was around five and six years old, she even called me "Cik Mior", can you believe that? Luckily, that didn't last.
She likes the Internet. She spends hours playing stuff over at the girls-related website. And watches Hannah Montana at youtube regularly. Ooh! She's into copy pasting lyrics too. I guess that's rather normal for girls her age. But the songs.... I've never heard of lah.
And of all the daughters, she's the most unassuming. In my household, it means she's orang yang paling blur sotong.
One more thing, she's very protective of her Mak. Even from me! So Bapak still cannot sit rapat-rapat dengan Mak when Arissa is around. Isn't that just delightful?

Arissa around 4 months old. Adorable, eh?

Then her face became more "squarish". Muka petak. We always tease her about this.

Once, we were having lunch. Arissa was on the baby chair. Sedar2 dah terlentok tidur. Still our favourite photo of her.

Dah besar dah anak Bapak. Dak jadik diva ker?


Er.. Excuse Me, What Life???

This blog is titled The Life of a Bapak. But, sad to say that presently this Bapak has no life. Wait, ada life but its very the monotonously boring one, at least for now lah! I don't even have anything worthwhile let alone clever to post and share.

And I'm so tired with the goings on at the office. I'm too old for office politics. And I really don't have a brain to entertain er... the not so bright people who whine and whine when things do not go their way. And mind you, I'm not that intelligent to begin with. So imagine, what kind of people that I have to deal with... ooh whatever!

"A common problem at the workplace is confusing activity with accomplishment or results. That's probably why we spend hours on end in meetings, engaging in verbal jousting and exchange of semantics, completely oblivious to one simple fact: all the running around doesn’t really get us anywhere.Activities are often just cosmetic. At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter, you know." - a wise word from The Kimster.

But then again, this is life! Deal with it, right?