KLPac, Sentul West and Tudung

To egg on my daughters’ interest in performing arts, I decided to bring them to the KLPac Open Day earlier today. In Sentul West.

Now those of you, who have been there, will surely agree that this is one cool place. Not just the KL Pac but the Sentul West area as a whole.

Apparently what used to be KTM’s area, this part of Sentul now boasts a perfectly manicured garden around the 35-acre park, with its crystal clear lake and an International Koi Fish Centre next to the KLPac. It is all pretty surreal, I tell you.

There are still a few KTM’s old buildings around the area. Some have been renovated to house ..er.. a developer’s office. Why, even the KLPac building itself is an angular contemporary structure with two 103-year-old brick fa├žades. It is really a former train warehouse with funky glass walls.
And we had an interesting session at the KLPac Open Day. It was a fun outing with wonderful activities and interesting talks and workshops. Of course, there were also mini performances all around KLPac featuring music, theatre, dance, film and art.

One of the performances at the open day
One of the many interesting landmarks at the park
Asma and Arissa saw a microphone stand and started clowning around.
Of course Alia need to have her 5 second fame too
They went berserk posing for the camera. Sooo many tempat cantik
Then depa berangan jadi model... first is Alia
then Asma... berangan jadi orang yang kehilangan sesuatu (kot)
then finally Arissa.... pose world peace dia (kata depa one of the mamat in the background is a celebrity.)
On the way back, singgah kat Jalan TAR. Alia borong tudungs for her best friend Sakinah. Sebab Sakinah emailed kata kat London tak de orang jual tudung. Really?