Yeay! Big people can win!

I don't really followed AJL this year until the final nite last Sunday. Yeay! To the big people. Adibah Noor wins. "Terlalu Istimewa" has been in an auto mode in my PC at the office for sometime and everybody knows that I love the song. Although as a parent, the lyrics are somewhat "scary". We were moved to tears when we first heard it. And Adibah's preformance that nite was simply stunning. Meremang bulu roma. Equally entertaining were Misha (graceful as ever), Hazami (very the professional), Mawi and M. Nasir (very the kelakar and surprising), Adibah Noor and Senario (suprisingly Senario was not as irritating as it used to be) and Zahid (hauntingly beautiful song). And I can't simply stand performances by Bob and Aspalela Abdullah (the girls were all heran kenapa lagu ni masuk) and the tired looking and gothic Elyana.
Enough said.

Banjir di Johor.

Heard over the radio this morning that there might be a third wave of flood in Johor. My heart sank. As it is the Johorean are suffering so much and I wish that we could dismantle the RM30 million Eye On Malaysia wheel and use the money to help these people instead. We need the money to rebuild lives and all the harta-benda.
But then life is not about fairness, kan? (Just imagine the flood hits us instead of the poor people of Johor..?)
I really hope I can do more to help the mangsa-mangsa than just donating the clothes and books (all used, unfortunately). I am certainly berdoa agar the mangsa-mangsa banjir mampu bangkit semula selepas tragedi ini.

Bloggers United

This is to show my support. All the best to Rocky and Jeff. We, bloggers of Malaysia, are 100 per cent behind you.


I'm back! I'm back!

I'm baaaack!!!!!! It's just that life has been very busy and depressed over the past couple of weeks and I was in no mood to ... er.. even smile let alone write a blog.
So what have we been up to ya?

1. The girls are back at school. Busy balik ler joining other parents on the road sending and picking up kids at schools. And Alia moved up to a secondary school this year which effectively made us feel much older - ya lah kan anak dah ada kat sekolah menengah. It also opened up more bones for us to pick on at the country's education system. (anyway, found out that a certain topics yang Arissa need to learn in her Year 5 science subject was quite similar to Form Three syllabus. Mak aii! nak jadikan bebudak ni apa ye pak menteri?)

2. We are sooooo into The Amazing Race Asia. Go Jo Jer and Zabrina!!!!!! TAR Asia is so very different from the US version as the contestants are much more nicer and friendlier - except perhaps the Thai team Andy and Laura. Even then they are still bearable although Andy did look as he's trying to be as sneaky as Rob Mariano. And we also love M&M (i will definitely be behaving like them If I were to enter the race) and the priceless team from Sri Lanka Howard and Sahran). Kelakar ler!!!!

3. I just found out that Rain tu a singer from Korea. La mati-mati ingatkan dia mamat Cina Hong Kong. Thanks, Safia.

4. Just found out that my daughters listen to Hitz.fm. Waah! Yang bapak nya masih kat Sinar.fm. Generation gap, indeed.

5. Arissa is becoming more and more like Asma. For example macam these two incidents:

Situasi Satu
Arissa: Mak, kenapa mak kahwin ngan bapak?
Mak: La, kenapa?
Arissa: Tak de la! cuma bapak tu bukannya handsome pun!!!!

(Bapak kata: helloooo! Tolong sikit. Tak handsome lagi macam ni?!!?)

Scene Two
Ini masa melawat Mak Temoh yang uzur kat rumah my brother in Shah Alam - masa ni kami dalam bilik kat bawah and I just ambik one bantal yang ada kat situ and letak atas riba Yan dan nak baring ler. And then....

Arissa: Ha! Tu nak buat seks le tu!!!!
Opah: Ya Allah!!! (nasib tak sakit jantung Opah)

(Bapak: er...er...er)


What New Year Resolution?

Time flies, really. Well! Time simply zooms past us! Before you know it, we are here in 2007. I'm at the stage of my life where making new year resolution do not figure at all. Anyway, I'm still stuck with my one unresolved resolution made way back in 1988 - to become a hunk. (That, of course, will never ever going to happen).

So for 2007, I'm sticking to the mandatory lebih dimurahkan rezeki, sihat walafiat, tetap iman and panjang umur. There.

KL Eye

Copyright: Virtual Malaysia

London Eye in KL? Well, if you drive along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak near the Istana Budaya and GH roundabout are, you'll see an imposing ferris wheel similar to the famous London Eye. Waah! KL also got one. Apparently, the gigantic wheel is erected for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Try it out - it's at Tasik Titiwangsa. And this outstanding photo of the wheel with the KL skyline was taken by my colleague Syazuan. Cantik rupanya KL nih.


Risik Merisik Tahun Baru

We spent our new year day by joining Nyah and Kak Zai pergi merisik orang. Affan is our next anak saudara to take that step towards marriage life. Kami pergi ke rumah Ila, bakal menantu Nyah and Kak Zai di Jalan Peel KL. Asalnya kami janji tunggu kat Carrefour Cheras sebelum berangkat bersama-sama. Sementara menanti Nyah and gang sampai, kami minum2 dulu kat satu Restoran Mamak kat belakang Careefour tu. Punyeler sedap martabak ayam dan rojak dia.
Anyways, Insya Allah, hasil perbincangan hari tu, majlis pertunangan ditetapkan awal Mac nanti. Yeay, kenduri lagi. Dan nikahnya dijadual hujung Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007 nanti. Lepas bual-bual, kami dijamu makan tengahari yang sedap sekali - gulai lemak udang, sambal belacan dan ikan masin. Ada banyak lagi lauk tapi tak makan sebab tak tercapai dek tangan ni (yelah kan, orang gemuk makan duduk bersila - lauk tu rasa jauh jer, ish, ish).

Affan and Ila - Moga Berkekalan
Makan tengahhari. Arissa yang halus tu steady jer, tetapi lihatlah ibunya.......

Tengah sibuk membedek-bedek kamera, alih-alih Nyah mintak orang gemuk ni bercakap bagi pihak lelaki. Gabra satu round!

Upacara menyarung cincin - Kasih ibu mertua

Wakil pihak lelaki - Fudhail, Kak Zai, Yan, Arissa, Asma and Alia. Bebudak bertiga tu masih confuse sebab tak berapa faham lagi apakah dia fungsi majlis merisik ini...