Our Syawal Annual Visit

This has turned somewhat into an anual event for us. I'm talking about a Raya visit to Anom and Nasir's place in Gombak. For the past years, it seems we only visited them during Raya...(fortunately they do come over our place more often than that). And for the past years, it seems its the only time we bumped into my uncle Ayah Chik and Achik and family - either at Anom's place or their place yang tak jauh dari situ..Apa punya anak sedara ler nihhh.
And yesterday, we drove over to their place for our annual visit.... hehehhe beraya di saat-saat akhir. And what a feast awaiting us... the mee kari and rendang prepared by Anom were simply delicious. A+ la, Anom.
And both Nasir and Anom had quite a few tetamu over as well --- sedara mara, friends and neighbours... ala-aa open house. AyahChik came with his MIL, Mek, whom I have not seen for like bertahun-tahun. And there's Mima (Anom's aunt) and her family too.
Sorry gambar blur... but the tuan rumah having a laugh with Ayah Chik and Mek.
Ayah Chik and Achik watching their family makan ....

I am so going to be killed by Asma for posting this pix but I am the bapak......hahahaha
Asma duduk dengan santun di samping Mak and err mak mer...eh ...silap Mima.

After realising who Mima actually is... Alia and Asma larik duduk dalam bilik kahkah kah...

I'm having so much fun yesterday hik hik hik.... we left Anom's place around 5.30pm and sped to PJ towards MPH Warehouse Sale. Semangat... semangat...semangat.. Arrived there around 6.15pm and the girls went wild and brought back one basketful of books. Then we went to Ikea (lama tak pergi and Yan's kind of rindu the meatball and all) Had our dinner there and then jalan-jalan somemore.