Another Cucu... Mohammad Aiddil Affian

Wow, they do coming in fast, don't they?
A few days ago, we welcomed another cucu - this time it's Affan's and Ila's first born - Mohammad Aiddil Affian. Affan is Yan's nephew. This time a boy. And again with a no so easy name to remember. We went over Ila's last night to see the little baby.... aaah and the Tantes were over the moon and went all cair. (and the Tantes informed me that tante is actually what the Dutch called their aunts .. so not really Indonesian lah)
But when we asked them whether they want a baby in the house, the answer is a resounding no!! Hahahaha.
Like Baby Nia, Baby Ian pun kuat tidur jugakkkkk

Next up? Faizah's and Azham's due in September. Can't wait ......