It's been 20 years!

Today, 20 years ago, I lost my Bapak. Forever.
Sudah tersirat. It was not meant to be that he didn't get the chance to see any of his sons got married. One thing for sure, if Bapak is still alive...
  • Safia would forever be his sweetheart,
  • Soraya would be his sweetest angel,
  • Sabrina would be his beloved joy
  • Adam would be his handsome buddy
  • Alia would be his beautiful princess
  • Asma would be his adorable confidante
  • Arissa would be his pretty honey
  • Azam would be his cute little sidekick
  • And Azizah would be his greatest pleasure

Anyway, to me Bapak will always be the best. This one is for you Bapak...

First-Class Father
Dad, I'm blessed to be your son
I knew it from the start.You're a first-class father;
You're loving, kind, and smart.
You've showed me how to be a good human
You helped me, guided me, along the way.
You're strong, and yet you're gentle, too.
I hope I'm just like you, someday!
Al-Fatihah, Mior Md Isa Bin Haji Mior Mahmud!