When Bapak is bored....

Whenever I'm bored or ... err. feeling rather stress out, I'll de-stress ... or put more colours into my life by menyakat my daughters. I think I'm pretty good at getting on their nerves. Nowadays whenever I'm in such a mood, they'll try their level best to ignore me.
Like today I decided to "rename" my daughters with new names.
For the sheer fun of it, I'm calling Alia - Cinta, Asma - Kasih and Arissa - Asmara.
(of course I've gotten "daggers" look from them before they proceeded to ignore me totally).
But I'm not that easily disheartened. But I can be quite persistent.... and before long all of them screamed in frustration. Ahaaaaah, mission accomplished!

I Love being a Bapak!!!!!

Or else I kacau the wife .... like today when she decided to cook nasi lemak for lunch, I 'demanded" that she "decorate" the nasi lemak. She lovingly obliged ... hehehe.

I love being a Suami!!!!