Selamat Menyambut Ramadan

To all friends (old and new),

Insya Allah, Ramadan kali ini membawa lebih keberkatan. Amin.

Dari Saya,
(my life is rather tak keruan at the moment and therefore I am taking a break from blogging ... lagi pun nak enjoy puasa)


Asma turns 13!!

Time flies and today my Asma turns 13. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! Moga Panjang Umur Murah Rezeki dan Tetap Iman.....Sentiasa.
We celebrated by having lunch at home ... among ourselves... and after makan we all tertidur kekenyangan...


Naik Buai Ceremony

My wife's family is rather big on traditions. For instance, whenever there's a new baby born into the family, we would almost always hold a naik buai (craddling) ceremony. In this ceremony, the newborn will be put into a craddle while a marhaban zikr will be recited. Oh yes, usually there will be a hair cutting (or head shaving) ritual too during this time.

Last weekend, to welcome our two new additions (and new generation) to the family, my mother in law along with my sister in law and brother in law held a naik buai kenduri in Kuala Dipang, Kampar. The ceremony is for Dania (Ana and Hasri's daughter) and Aidil (Affan and Ila's son)

It's a rather simple ceremony. But huge on family values.

The craddle. Note the traditional pillows (tekat emas)... if I'm not mistaken the pillows have been in the family since Ana's birth (Dania's mom). Like many other Malay majlis, there were bunga pahar too for the guests...
A marhaban in session... Dania and Aidil took turns to be on the craddle swung gently by the two aunties - Mak Ti and Tante Rissa (Izzati and Arissa). They were the designated inang for the day.
The babies were asleep throughout the ceremony. But then again, they were up the whole night before.. Oh, well, they won't remember the ceremony even if they were awake. But still comel nevertheless.
The ladies of my heart posing for pictures while the ceremony was going on at the back.. sempat tu.
One thing about having the kenduri at kampung was that it enables you to partake in many kenduri's usual practice - like sessi membasuh pinggan mangkuk. Here the girls have had to do just that. Hahahahahahahah!

Anyway, attending the recent naik buai ceremony brought back memories of yesteryears when we held similar ceremonies for all my girls. Incidentally all ceremonies were held at my mother in law's place in Taman Melayu Jaya, Kampar. So when I got home, I rummaged through old photos and these were some of those wonderful memories...

This is Alia. I remembered this day clearly as I was just recovering from a very serious bout of high fever. It was really bad that I was even hallucinating away so much so that I was completely oblivious to the fact that people around me were busy preparing to have a majlis naik buai for my Alia. Then one day, when woke up feeling a little better, they told me its a kenduri day. Haaah!
That's Yan trying to soothe Alia in the craddle. By the way, the craddle (or swing) was first bought for Faizah (their eldest cousin) for her naik buai ceremony in the very early 80s. Now Faizah is soon to become a mommy herself.
That's me holding Alia during the ceremony (I was still feeling a bit dizzy then) ... I brought the baby around for each member of the marhaban team to cut Alia's hair and sprinkle some perfume while they continue chanting the Salawat Nabi... or something like that lah..

1995 A year later, it was Asma's turn. That's us behind the craddle... now given a new look by my sister in law Kak. Apparently it was painted gold in keeping with the theme... gold colour.
That's Yan holding Alia looking at Asma in the craddle. And just look at Nurul's dress (bottom right) - very tragic kan ...kes silap majlis..
By the way, Asma (left) naik buai with her cousin Shakira (Abang Lan's daughter). They were born like one month apart.


Finally, in 1996, it was Arissa's turn. That's me holding Arissa, my baby girl forever.

And Arissa (left) too has a company during her ceremony... this time she was with Izzati (again born the same year but almost five months apart) hence a rather telling differences in size between the two.

The craddle for Arissa and Izzati. And that's little Asma guarding the craddle (actually she was demam then.... so very touchy masa ni)


Aaaahh... my cucus!!

Babies!!!! They can be ridiculously adorable.... baby Aidil and baby Dania. (Kalau orang dulu2 ni dah kena tunang dah budak berdua nih)


Happy Birthday Alia

My sweetheart is another year older today.
She had her close friends over for lunch. Just a small circle of friends...
Birthday girl with her friends
The main course... courtesy of who else kalau bukan her Mak.


The original Bapaks

These two gentlemen were my two bapaks. Almarhum my own dad (left) and almarhum bapak mertua (right) sometime in 1970s during the nikah ceremony of Yong, my eldest sister in law.