Tahniah! Tahniah!


To our beautiful nieces Yang Safia Mior Azli and Saliha Azlan for the strings of As
in the SPM. So terror! And to that 21 As achiever, Azali Azlan (no relation to Leha) too. Its mind-blowing!

And this blog is done with political news, for the time being. This blogger need to calm himself.

A turnabout!

This just got in... from Malaysiakini

Lim apologises, DAP reps to attend ceremony
Mar 13, 08 10:49am

The crisis which developed yesterday over the appointment of a PAS menteri besar in a DAP-led Perak state assembly seemed to have been resolved today.
DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang who rejected the appointment of a PAS candidate today apologised for any offence caused to the Perak royalty over his statement.
“My three-paragraph statement at 7pm last night that the DAP central executive committee emergency meeting on March 9 had not given approval for a PAS mentri besar to head a Perak coalition state government was not made out of disrespect to the Perak sultan and regent, both whom I have always held in the highest regard and I apologise for any offence caused," he said.
“The statement was on the party position at the time. There have been further discussions and developments on the matter in the hours after the statement. Announcements of the latest position will be made.”
This was immediately followed by state DAP chairperson and Sitiawan state assemblyperson Ngeh Khoo Ham who told Malaysiakini that whatever misunderstanding that occurred over the matter has been clarified.
He also said that all DAP elected representatives will attend the swearing in ceremony before the Sultan of Perak in Kuala Kangsar today at 4pm.

But the damage has been done, right? Terlajak perahu boleh di undur but terlajak kata...

It is too good to be true, isn't?

I have been waiting, with much anticipation, for the formation of a Perak new coalition government eversince the historic win last Sunday. Afterall, Perak is my home state. And like everybody else, I too was surprise to learn that PAS Adun Ir Nizar Jamaluddin's name cropped up as the leading candidate for the post of Perak MB. Ye lah, of all the three parties in the new coalition, PAS has the least number of seats. I figure that there must a reason for this.
Anyway, I'm so okay with whoever is chosen as the MB. Even if he is a DAP Adun. As long as BN is no longer in the picture, it's fine with me. And after ding-donging for a few days, early this evening it was announced that the post of Perak MB indeed belongs to Ir Nizar a.k.a Abang Tan. Tahniah!
But then... an hour or so later Malaysiakini posted this news..

Lim: DAP rejects Nizar as MB
Mar 12, 08 8:19pm
While the long-drawn debate on who should be the Perak mentri besar finally came to an end today, an unexpected twist came in the form of DAP leader Lim Kit Siang who said that his party had not approved PAS’ Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin to lead the state.

“The decision to appoint a PAS assemblyperson Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak mentri besar has caused shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters,” he said in a brief statement today.
The statement came just hours after it was announced in Ipoh that the Regent of Perak has agreed on Nizar’s appointment.
Earlier Nizar, state DAP chairperson and Sitiawan state assemblyperson Ngeh Khoo Ham and PKR’s Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi had met with Regent Raja Nazrin Shah.
Ngeh and Jamaluddin were the two other candidates vying for the post.
The three of them later told a press conference that the regent had agreed with Nizar’s appointment as well as the appointment of Ngeh as deputy menteri besar (1) and an Indian candidate - to be named later - as deputy menteri besar (2).
Lim however in a five-paragraph statement released today said that the DAP was only prepared to accept either Ngeh or Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as Perak mentri besar.
He added that at a March 9 meeting - the day after Saturday's polls - the party leadership only gave approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government comprising 18 DAP assembly members, seven PKR assemblypersons and six PAS assemblypersons.
According to him, the party did not give its consent to the appointment of a PAS leader to helm the state.
Lim also said that as such all DAP Perak assemblypersons would stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak mentri besar scheduled tomorrow.
When contacted for an immediate reaction, Nizar said: “We believe that as a coalition government, all decisions will be collective.”
“We would not respond to comments being made outside the new coalition government," he added.
Previously, Ngeh had told reporters that all three parties would respect the decision of the Sultan and cooperate to form the new state government.
Efforts by Malaysiakini to reach Ngeh has been unsuccessful.
Lim's statement has been posted in his personal blog, and it received 300-odd responses from readers within 90 minutes, a majority of which slammed the DAP leader for the decision.

Oh! Shoot! Is this happening, really. The State government has not even been formed and now this? Why lar like this? Now we know who would have a field day tomorrow. Crack in the coalition this early? I really did not see it coming especially after such assurance by Ngeh. So sad!