In Malaysia ....... and in Spain

In Malaysia -
The political power struggle is getting really ridiculous, no? The drama that unfolded over the weekend was really upsetting. If you ask me... I say, I don't believe it! Just like 10 years ago. This time around, I'll give them "A" for trying but "F" for creativity.
Please ..... don't we Malaysians have bigger tasks at hand .... as it is the rakyat are jumping up and down trying to "ubah gaya hidup" in order to accommodate the escalating cost of living, among others.

In Spain -
Wow! They are the European Champion. Their rakyat are jumping up and down too as they celebrate the occasion. Such a happy mood.
Although I did not really follow the European Championships (as in my family only my brother and brother in law are kaki bola ... the rest of brothers, uncles, nephews are not, imagine that?), I must say the Spaniards deserve it.
I came home early yesterday and there was a repeat of the final on 817 (alas the last 10 minutes). But I would like to share a conversation between me and Yan while we were watching the event:
Yan: Sepanyol menang ker?
Me: Yup. 1-0
Yan: Kalahkan sapa?
Me: Germany.... tu yang tengah bersedih kat tengah-tengah padang. (shots showing the dejected Germans while the Spaniards celebrated with their fans)
Yan: Laaa, kenapa nak sedih... dapat nombor dua ok lar tu.
Me: Tapi tetap kalah kan?
Yan: Tapi dapat nombor dua kat World Cup macam ni bukan calang-calang accomplishment jugak lar kan?
Me: ???????? World Cup?
Yan: Ye lar bukan World Cup ker ni?
Me: (I was already tergolek-golek gelak by this time). Bukan lah ... European Cup ler!!!!!!

a while later after I stopped laughing my heads off .....

Yan: Oooh patut ler tak da Malaysia main.
Me: (tergolek-golek again...... hahahahahahaha)

(P.S: Yan is soooo gonna kill me for posting this entry)