It wasn't an open house.... but it feels like one..

Raya mood is still in the air!!!That's the three of us feasting on the many Raya delicacies - from mee hoon soup, ketupat and kuah kacang, pulut kuning, rendang ayam, daging masak hitam, ridiculously delicious lemang (courtesy of my neighbour Rushdi), a hugely popular brownies, ice-cream cake (which I somehow, sadly, I didn't get to taste), and a variety of home made cookies. Looks like we are enjoying an open house do, right? The only thing is, it was not an open house really and we are eating merrily at home. Yesterday.
No, we didn't hold an open house... it wasn't suppose to be one anyway, but it ended up feels like we are hosting one though.
It started on Thursday or Wenesday when my daughters brilliantly invited their friends to beraya at our place. Although she pledged that she'll keep it simple this time, Yan, being her usual self, still whipped up one dish after another. Not that I'm complaining.
Anyway, since we are having people over, we figured that it was good to invite our two brothers and their families over to beraya bersama-sama... since we haven't done it as yet.

Kak Zai (Yan's sister-in-law) and her daughter Nisa (yang berdarah manis .... kwang kwang kwang)
Aidil became the fisrt cucu to make it to our place....here's with Wan Yan fussing over and pakcik Fudhail seemingly contented after eating
My brother Chor and his kids Safia and Adam having it a go at the dining table. (Safia, Ayah Ngah just got this one pix of you if you want to post it on your blog ler... suitable meh, makan dengan penuh kusyuk.)
A handsome young man with his Wan
He came, he parked himself in front of the telly and let his mama makan in peace. Good boy!
While ayah and Mak watched SiBadol over TV3. It's a comedy film but somehow these two anak-beranak look positively sombre..hahahaha
The surprise of the day was when earlier in the morning I've received a call from Adzman. He is my classmates from Form 2 right up to Upper 6. In fact, when I was in Form 4 and 5, we were the only two Malay boys in the class. So we became firm friends. I haven't met him in 25 looooong years since we left school. God, I feel old. Naturally, I promptly asked him over. And he gladly obliged.
Asma was over the moon too as her bff (from primary school and now went to different school) Amira also came over. They have not met for say... about 8 months??? hahahah
Alia and her best gal-pals Maryam and Elfa.
I didn't realise they have had quite many friends... (it's always the same three or four girls who came over but they were many more laaaa. like yang amat pemalu like that girl in purple who goes by the name Iman)
More friends. They only invited their girl friends. And one point there were about 20 female in the house and one male -- me!
Asma and her friend Farha sprawling on the sofa after makan..
Adzman and his family... one more to come in December. He was surprised to learn that Yan is the daughter of our Form 2 BM teacher. "Patut ler kau selalu dapat A," he quips.Yan was equally gobsmacked upon learning that Adzman's younger brother, Azhar, was her classmate in school. "Kiah and I always bully that poor boy lar," Yan remembers.
More friends....apart from makan-makan, the girls went around the condo complex snapping pix of themselves... even in an elevator. Girls!Some like the regulars to our place (like Farha and Atin) here, helped themselves to the food many times....isn't that swell?