Elephant is my favourite animal!

Since the beginning of March 2008, my life has taken a new turn - what with a demanding new job that literally leave me gasping for air, and the 12th General Election, in which its outcome still makes my adrenaline pumping. Not good for health!
So to unwind, after work today, the ladies and I went to see a movie – Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who. Now, I must confess that I always like animated movies, especially The Incredibles, but the recent ones, most notably Shrek 3, were rather disappointing. Kan?
Anyway, I sure am glad that I went to see the movie. I was laughing practically throughout the entire movie.
Believe me, kids movies don't get much more high-concept or entertaining than Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who.
The movie is about a happy-go-lucky Horton (voiced by Jim Carrey) which is an elephant living among a world of animals in the Jungle of Nool who, to his astonishment, hears a voice coming from a tiny speck of dust. It turns out that on this speck resides an entire land called Whoville, complete with a community of Whos who live in houses, have jobs, and go to school just as regular humans do.
The Mayor of Whoville (Steve Carell), who must be diplomatic in the time he spends with each of his ninety-six daughters and solitary brooding son, JoJo (Jesse McCartney), is the one who makes contact with Horton, and he's equally surprised and confounded by the realization that there is a larger world beyond Whoville.
Horton is adamant to the other animals that there is life on this speck, but, because they do not have ears big enough to hear the voices Horton does, the outspoken, narrow-minded Kangaroo (Carol Burnett) labels him a liar and wants the speck destroyed. Now it's up to Horton and the Mayor to join forces and find a way to prove to the doubting Kangaroo that Whoville does exist before it's too late.
Thus begins Horton’s hilarious adventure to save the , err, speck of dust.

Go see it! Brilliantly funny!