Bila rezeki datang berkunjung...

Over the weekend, Yan's niece and nephews came over to makan-makan and mandi-mandi at the swimming pool. Here are the August Girls Asma and Nisah potong kek. Ala-ala birthday.

Then on Monday, while I was at work, my uncles - Ayah Anjang and Ayah Chik - and their wives and anak and cucus datang. They came and makan-makan jugak sampai tak hingat dunia yang all of them ada diabetes segala. Anyway, Ayah Chik's youngest cucu, three year old Haifa looks exactly like Asma when she was at her age. You could still see the resemblance here...

Being Fair!

Woke up this morning and The Star screamed into my face with this:

I want to be fair
I have been fair
I'll always be fair

If only...