How to enjoy long leave ... at home!!!!

Spending a long holiday (like this CNY week) at home can be boring for many but not this family... chewah... because we love doing absolutely nothing together. We love to just chill out together (well, if the girls are bored, they are not telling because I forbid them to utter those B word... see I'm such a gila kuasa manusia!!) and talk. And we talk about everything... from the impending Oscars, the floods and the Egypt uprising. We also sleep, eat, watch movies, and read... a lot too. And once in a while we go out for a drive (in this case, enjoying the empty roads as well) and lepak at our new favourite mamak's. There were never dull moments here in this household, I tell you!

And then to make it even better, the wifey cook delicious meal like this one last night: -
A Tomato Penne served with cheese sausage and salad. Aaaah... marvellous.!!

and then after the dinner... we prepared the tidbits, butterscotch ice blended and a tub of cookie and cream ice cream ready for a movie marathon...
Movies watched so far: The King' Speech, The Fighter, Megaminds, Wizard of Oz, The Tourist, Easy A and Catch Me If You Can.
Coming right up: Unstoppable, Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows Part 1, The Social Network and Little Voice.

And then, there's the NCIS marathon on 710. And The Story of Edgar Sawtelle for me to finish. And most importantly, work from office, due first thing next Monday.

Memang tak sempat nak rasa boring...

Support The Egyptian People. Help the Flood Victims

Sometimes we see things in the media and wonder how we can really help. As milllions protest in the streets, the Egyptian government shut down the interenet and throttled the phone and sms networks.Reports are in that the internet is back and the mood is electric, but still no democracy! With all of our help, Egyptians and others in the region will be able to jump their government's firewalls and anonymously access these online and mobile communications platforms. There are several ways that you can helpthem to do this:

1. If you have some tech skills, donate your unused bandwidth and IP address with the Tor anti-censorship tool, (If you're in Egypt download Tor here: www.torproject.org)

2. Now that the internet is back, Access is configuring servers that will help people reach any blocked sites like Twitter, Facebook, Al Jazeera and Gmail (we are currrently testing as to what is still blocked). Donate to help keep the protest movement alive and 100% of your donation will go to supporting those behind the firewall.

3. Support Egyptians, Tunisians, and others behind the firewall by joining Access' Global Movement for Digital Freedom. We need to work together to keep the internet open beyond this current crisis.

For more details go to www.accessnow.org.

Closer to home, our doa also go out to those hit by the floods in Johor, NS and Melaka. Those who want to help... there's DIGI Flood Relief Drive. You can donate mats, blankets, and food stuff. Send in your donations to DG centres in SS2 PJ, Solaris, Mont Kiara, and Bukit Tinggi, Klang, 2-6 Feb, 10am-3pm.

Reminder to self and the family: In times like this, be grateful to Allah SWT for its blessings. Alhamdulillah