Cerita Hantuuuuu nan romantis!

Thanks to Yang Safia who raved about the author, Stephenie Meyers and her body of works, I decided that this young adult romance between a human girl and a handsome vampire should be okay for my daughters.

So I bought the first book in the series - Twilight. And true to form, Asma stayed up all night to finish the thick book in one sitting. Alia picked it up the next morning and by evening she too finished reading it up. Wow!! And they have not stopped "yakking" about the book eversince(the last time they did that was last year when the last Harry Potter book came out).

Lucky for them, I've got a dinner appointment at Mid-Valley the next day and naturally, being a good Bapak that I am (eh cheh cheh!), I made a detour to MPH there and bought the other two books in the series - New Moon and Eclipse.

Now, Bapak and Mak are fighting over to read the same book. Yeah, it's a wonderful read!

To learn more Stephenie Meyer go to her website here or if you are lazy, read a piece on her here