My Wasted Sunday

Yeah! I slept thoughout.
Woke up for Subuh. Ngam ngam jer before hari terang.
Tengok2kan Mak. Surfed Astro channels. Sleepy still.
By 8 am, sudah masuk bersemayam di kamar beradu.
By 11.30 am, woke up again.
Lucky, as 10 minute later, arwah bapak's cousin Wan Adek and her daughter came a calling.
By 12.30 noon geromobolan from Cheras also came over.
Nisah, Naim, Fudel and Amin.
Fudel brought his Hookah Pipe and Shisha for us to try.
2pm, while everybody busy preparing for lunch, masuk Zohor jap.
Lepas Zohor, konon2 baring sekejap.
Sedar2 sudah pukul 6pm.
Huh! Where did I go?
And I missed lunch.
And swimming session with the gang.
What a waste.

Yan trying on the hookah's
Nisah and Fudel

Naim and Amin

Oh! By the way, the night before, Yan's cousin Kak La and her family - husband Abg Hamid, anak menantu also came over. Had dinner and sembang2.