Buka Puasa Feast ... and we don't need fancy hotel buffet to enjoy it.

Iftar is definitely a happy time. These past two days we had guests over for iftar. And the wife together with our delightful Kak Encik (Yan's cousin) cooked up a storm that all enjoyed immensely. Let's the photos explain....

The chef and the cook
Sibs - Nisah and Affan

The host and the guest
The mom and the bro

The lauks - ayam masak merah, lemak keli belimbing, kari daging, hati lembu rendang and sayur campur
The mascot???? The cucu!!!
The appetiser and the desserts - yummm yummy
The fruits

Sessi bertemu menantu
The guests
Appetiser - Mee rebus
The dessert
More desserts



Just remember that you have many gifts

Our dearest Asma,
As you turned 14, it is also a time to rejoice that you have remained in Allah SWT’s perfect protection in all forms and ways starting with your health, beauty and intellect and ending with the days he has allotted you unhampered by crippling disease and or lack or loss of intelligence.

We are so deliriously happy to see you all grown up and we pray that you will before making every decision big or small make a prayer to ask Allah for His guidance, help and blessings.

We pray that you ask Allah SWT to give you at all times guidance, the ability and desire to follow His guidance (The Quran), wisdom to understand its beauty and its markers, Afiyah which is an all enveloping protection from Him both in this world and the next.

Just remember that you have many gifts, some you are aware of while some you will become aware of as they unfold. Do remember that they are all from Allah and use them in the path of Allah.

We pray for your health, your protection, and for your happiness. Always. We are here to love you and support you in your journey. May you always feel the gentle cloak of Allah’s Love and Rahmat on your shoulders.

Love and prayers for you always! Happy 14th Birthday, Asma!
Mak and Bapak!


There Is No Map To The Journey Of Life.

Way back in 1979, around this time of the year, I was just a Form Three pupil preparing for my SRP. As I was not a particularly brilliant nor was I a ‘rajin’ student, the fact that I barely sneaked into Form Four later was indeed a huge personal victory. Studying and taking exam are clearly not me!

And what do you know, exactly 30 years on, here I am staring at PMR (again!) - that all-important exam for the 15-years olds in the country.

Yes, my Alia is 15 this year. Thanks to my beautiful eldest daughter, I am relieving those nerve-wrecking moments of 1979 again and again. In fact, we celebrated her birthday on August 10 recently.

Of course, it feels it was only yesterday when we brought her home from the clinic and I was hovering anxiously around my wife trying to help her gave our baby her first bath. Today, we still hover around our eldest daughter – “urging” her to study and to do her chores.

We celebrated her birthday (and her sister’s Asma as well as both are August girls) by having a makan-makan at New York, New York Deli in One Utama recently. An okay lah joint! 2-in-one celebration.... jimat duit this year!!

Anyway, here’s a poem for my Gegenemaye:

There Is No Map To The Journey Of Life.

There is no book to the journey of life, and the road you are destined be mother or wife, will seem at times to have bedrock of fear but never forget sweat pea, I am always near.

Watch for the souls who like trees root in soil, for fear that there heart is the thing they will spoil. Don’t let them lead you to alleys of dark, where you’ll be forced to protect your light and your heart.

Some live as victors and challenge the past, some never get there and live as a cast. I know of life that the road is not clear, but you have your bapak Alia, I am always here.

There is no map to the journey of life, so live to be whole, not just girlfriend or wife. Souls like ours need pasture & plane, and your soul my girl will be restless, again and again.

As you journey ahead your spirit will speak, it is for home you are heading, it is home that you seek. Where that is only you can find, let your heart lead the way and just follow behind.

While I am out here ahead in some way, I hope the signs I write, you’ll find on your way. Read them and do what you will, at the end of the day its your heart to fulfill.

If there was a book to the journey of life, yours would be bound with the pain of my strife. It would heal and protect and ease your pain, and help you find your feet again.

The words would be written with the depth of my love and never forget I am with you, be it here on earth while I’m still alive or even after I’m gone.


Choose your obsessions...

(Life has been somewhat "hectic" emotionally and otherwise lately... then I stumbled upon this poem. Interesting!)
Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions
Trojan horses
They bind you
Without you realizing
They hinder your natural design
And make you completely blind

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions;
They are the weeds,
You; yourself choose to grow.
Some seeds are rotten..
Still you keep them, them, you don’t throw.

And after the tsunami
You wonder why you were destroyed
By; your own army…

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions;
They determine; the extent of your regression…
Although we must All have some,
Eggs turn into chickens
Choose your obsessions
For they are impressions
Which can determine your future
& Tomorrow’s positions
The journey; and the final decision.

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions

by Siddharth Anand