Bila Wan Cik and Chu datang bertamu...

From left Razif, Norizan and baby, Wancik and Chu. The rest are my cinta.

They are my favourite and closest aunts. My Wancik and her younger sister Chu. They are my arwah Bapak's younger sisters. Nama jer favourite mak sedara but we have not met like close to two years. Tang mana silapnya, tak tau lar. But once in a while, we still spoke over the phone.

Today, these two aunts came over from Ipoh. Nak jumpa their sister in law - my Mak Temoh. They came with my cousin Razif and his family. Razif anak Chu. And came around noon. Not long after that, their younger brother Ayah Chik dropped by too.

They had lunch at our place. We chatted and chatted. We laughed and laughed. And then told Wancik that Marks & Spencer is having its Sale!!! She brightened up. And decided to go to OU. Chu stayed behind with her cucu as Razif and wife Norizan joined Yan, Wancik and I.

As far as I can remember, Wancik has been a regular Mark & Spencer customer for a long long time. Once when I was in Form Two, I followed her to Penang and remembered vividly pergi Mark & Spencer outlet. It was just a small outlet then. So imagine, how old we are now?

When I was younger and still single-mingle, I used to drive Wancik and Achik (Ayah Chik's wife) around shopping centres in KL. Almost always we went out early in the morning and only came back late in the evening, much to the chagrin of my almarhum Opah. "Tak ingat nak balik rumah ker?" would be the usual greetings from Opah. Nasib baik masa tu tak dak handphone, so nobody could track us down.

So in the spirit of the good old days, we went to OU and then pi Ikea. Shopping. Balik rumah tadi - sakit pinggang, lutut, betis and kaki. Rasa nak demam lar.

Ajeh and son (currently the youngest anak sedara, right?) Rafek Mustaqim. Cute ya amat.