Sudah lama tidak ke mari...

Sudah lama tidak ke mari .... and apparently...

1. My three daughters have came up with brand new blogs (yes even Arissa). But unfortunately, I'm not allowed to divulge the details like the urls...Penuh dengan rahsia teenage girls...hmmm.

2. I've missed reading lots of entries (been spending the past few hours reading those). Penat hooo membaca tanpa henti...

3. My friend Wan Hamidi Hamid resigned from NST and is said will be joining CM Penang Lim Guan Eng. Apparently Midi is a life member of DAP. Sungguh, Midi? And lama nya tak jumpa hang?

4. Been trying to finish Jeffrey Archer's Prisoner of Birth. As usual it's fantastic but only manage to read two pages a day before dozing off. Very very slow

5. Safia is going to Universiti Islam Antarabangsa. Tahniah. Bangga hoo, first niece ler katakan. She too have a brand new blog. I'll update the list of blogs when I feel like it and I'll put hers back in.


A few days ago, received a call from Arissa on my mobile and decided to just kid her:

Bapak: Harap Maaf! Nombor yang anda dial sudah ditamatkan perkhidmatannya.

Arissa: Okay! (and hanged up)

Oooh.... Arissa!!!

But if you find the above is funny, this one -involving Yan's cousin Kak Enon - was even funnier. Many years ago, Kak Enon made a call and received the real Harap Maaf recording. Kak Enon responded to the machine by saying something like this: "Oh Ya ke! Laa tak pulak akak tau telefon dia dah ditamatkan. Macam mana ni yer?"
Her son who was with her then spread the conversation to all of us.