Two days of de-stressing myself!!!!

Things have been rather daunting at work this past week and when Saturday rolled by, the car decided that it too needed a visit to the mechanics. Alahai. Yeah, that's life - full of ups and downs.

Not that I'm complaining for life has been good to me and my family. Alhamdulillah. So (I guess it came with age) I decided to de-stress by doing something fun (and stupid la jugak on my part). I challenged the wife to a cook off... a duel I was destined to lose lah. But I was very taken up by that Top Chef show currently on 702. So after parted with a few hundreds of RM at the car workshop, we (the wife and I) rushed through USJ Taipan buying stuff and ingredients for our 'Top Chef' contest. And it's decided that the cook off will be based on bread and mince meat. Ambitious sungguh, babe!

Once home, we went straight to the kitchen to start the competition.. ya bukan main lagi. And we roped in my daughters to act as judges (with my mom making a guest judge appearance hahahaha).

It was real fun as I was totally into the whole reality TV mode and I was running around the kitchen (a first) trying to emulate those contestants in the real Top Chef. Berangan tak sudah lah kaedahnya. And to make it even more seronok I decided to be the bad guy and let me tell you... oh it was such a joy trying to sabotage my competition (you know hide her stuff and all and trash talked my way around trying to rile her up so that she hilang fokus).

But in the end, we ended up with two dishes that's not too bad. Not bad at all!!! Now we present you our creation:

This from the wife... Kacang Phool with French Bread served with onion and green chillies with caramelised tomato salad.
And this from me... my signature (kunun2nya) spicy ginger spaghetti bolognaise served with garlic bread. True winner.. chewah!

And then on Sunday pulak, as I felt I need more de-stress session, the wife and I drove over to the Summit USj which is like 5 minutes away from home to watch Red, starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban and the delightful Mary Loiuse Parker.

Its a action comedy flick that we found enduring and funny (although the critics in the US slams the movie - but who cares , man... we were thoroughly entertained.)

The movie is about Willis, Freeman, the deliciously funny Malkovich and Mirren playing ex CIA operatives in RED, which stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous, who have to come out of retirement after leaked government secrets makes them all targets for assassins. Parker plays Willis' love interest.

It was fun good old action comedy movie ( a bit of a road trip movie pun jugak as it took you to several US cities) and is devoid of the usual 3D related technology (now so prevalent in big blockbusters). Great movie for someone who needs a break from pressure cooker life.

Okay, now I'm all ready to go back to work!