Hari Bumi

Once in a while, I can be ignorant (okay, okay.... most of the time la) ... like when I picked up Asma and Arissa from school this evening. As the girls settled in the car... we had this conversation:

Asma: Happy Earth Day, Bapak!!!!
Bapak: Huh?
Arissa: Today is Earth Day la, Bapak!!!
Bapak: Yang hari tu kita tutup lampu bagai and makan dinner dalam gelap tu apa?
Asma: Laaaa... tu Earth Hour la... lain la...
Bapak: Oooooo ya ke?

Feeling suitably idiotic for not being aware of the Day, upon reaching home, I googled Earth Day and I found this CNN report:

LONDON, England -- More than one billion people were expected to mark Earth Day Wednesday April 22. Since its creation by United States senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day's reach has spread around the world and is now marked in about 175 countries.

Earth Day Network, the organizers of Earth Day, are launching the "Green Generation" campaign. The campaign will last two years and Earth Day's organizers hope it will raise awareness on how to reverse dangerous environmental trends.

Okay, Selamat Hari Bumi semua!!! Let's save the planet!!!!