My baby is now 12!

She will always remain my baby... forever, although she hates it when I call her that. But does the Bapak care? Nooo. Of course not. So I will continue calling her my baby... ye haaa!
Anyway, my baby turned 12 last on Nov 8, 2008.
And she had not one but two birthday celebrations. In my household, that is considered lavish. We organised an early birthday do on Thursday as the girls followed me to Cyberview Lodge in Cyberjaya as I was attending a seminar. That evening we celebrated in the hotel room with a chocolate mud cake with blueberry (baked lovingly by her Mak, of course) and lots of satay kajang (courtesy of Opah Kampar). Bapak provided the Coca-Cola.... hehehehehe.
Then on the day itself at home, since Arissa loves Italian food so much, we decided to throw another small celebration - this time with simple butter cake, spaghetti bolognaise and delicious Domino pizza. Among kami-kami aje.. (actually another excuse to eat and eat some more).

Peace from Arissa.

With her cake at home
Arissa and her two sisters in Cyberview
Arissa cutting her cake with her sisters fooling around on her right while Opah Kampar (on her left) mendoakan kesejahteraan cucu. Amin.