Lunch in Penang

While in Penang, we also took the liberty to meet up with a very good friend of mine (from our era bersuka ria in NST dahlu kala) - Azwan. She's now ... urm... I presumed a very garang lecturer in USM. (disclaimer: I  might be wrong, though)

It was indeed an entertaining lunch do at E-Gate that Sunday afternoon. I guess it was also a rather astonishing experience for my daughters having met up a very da hip hop pompuan hingaq for the first time. Heh! (the last time Azwan came over to my place was like when Alia was still a baby).

But still, thank you very very much for the lunch yang amat sedap di sebuah tempat yang amat vogue itu. But more importantly, it was good to finally berbual bicara secara live... instead of texting thru phone and FB.

So Azwan, bila nak datang membuat lawatan balas????? Jemput... jemput
Again from all the kanak-kanak, Yan and I: a big thank you!!!!!

Eh... ada jugak depa ni!!!!