I'm still here but I haven't got a clue what to write lah

The above title could very well be my entire entry. Period. But I'm itching to write.. Let see, what's been happening in my life in recent weeks? Work is still .. er .. work.
Life at home could not be better. But the kids were stalking the Internet most of the time(hence the no show of postings here...yeah excuses!). But the wife and kids are in Lumut these past few days (will be there for a few more days). A kenduri to attend. And why am I here all alone? Oh Ya... I've got to go to work.
So life is pretty boring nowadays. I don't really watch the TV. Been missing so much so don't know what to watch anymore. Oh! Okay, I am following the The Amazing Race Asia Season 2. But that's pretty much it.
Oh yes! A few days ago I found myself at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. After the meeting, I went down to its Kedai Koperasi DBP on the ground floor. The last time I was there (I mean the DBP bookstore) was when I was in Standard Five. I remembered I bought buku Hikayat Malim Deman then. That was how many years ago? Many many years ago lah. This time around, I bought this :

This is a collection of short stories (cerpen) by Pak Samad from 1944 till 1991. Can you imagine that!! And personally, I must say that I find that the first paragraph of the first cerpen (Seorang Pengail - published in Semangat Asia in 1944) is rather absorbing. I was hooked from thereon. It goes like this:
Siapa yang tidak susah pada masa ini? Sama ada negeri itu berperang atau tidak, rakyatnya tetap menghadapi sedikit sebanyak kesusahan.

(Just wondering if Pak Samad is to write that cerpen in 2007, would he change the "sama ada negeri itu berperang atau tidak" to ... er.. "sama ada negeri itu diperintah oleh bapak mertua atau anak menantu". Er, I'm just wondering, okay?)