A Day Out With Arissa

Last Saturday, bapak and mak accompanied Arissa to a certain anime and manga exhibition in Sungei Wang Plaza , KL. Being an anime and manga fan yang tegar, Arissa was suitably excited. Unlike the two parents who till today are still clueless about all these anime and manga business. What's the difference between the two, anyway?

The exhibition was organised by Gempak Starz (most probably the most well known manga publisher in Malaysia). Funny thing is that the wifey keeps on referring organiser as Gangstarz!!!!
It was an okay event, I guess, complete with a Cosplay competition and all - although I can only identify Spiderman (very skinny one though), Mario of Super Mario fame and the awkward looking Hellboy.

Now, Arissa is really excited and can't wait for a bigger Comic Fiesta to roll by on Dec 17th weekend. Uhuhhh!!!

The two parents

My Two Cats!!

A picture can be deceiving you know.... just saying!!!