What's Wrong With Aizat?

Okay, I watched Akademi Fantasia 5, err quite zealously. You know the works - diaries and concerts. And I must say the last concert was one of the best. Dengan intro with the delightful children plus the students' wonderful performance, it was indeed one of the most entertaining concerts ever. I was mostly impressed with Aizat, Mila (very classy ler minah ni), Candy (finally), Shawal, Ebi and even Dafi and Rizal. I'm sorry but we were bored stiff with Heliza's performance while Aswad, although he can sing but as in previous weeks, was utterly comical. In a really bad way and it's not even funny. Urgh.

But the big question is why do most of the well-known AF-related bloggers are shutting out Aizat in their entries. Its like as Aizat is not one of the students. What's happening? Please enlighten me. Anyone? Is it because of his "attitude" in the diaries? I agree he does come across as a pain in the butt most of the time but surely that does not warrant such a treatment!! Or is it?