I have been busy...

These past few days, I've been rather busy....

1. covering assignments not only in the Klang Valley but also in Johor Baru and Kuantan. Tiring but I welcome the break away from the office

Me and the group of journalists at the P1 Wiwax event down in Danga Bay, JB.

2. wasting my time phoning TMNET complaining about the near non existence coverage of streamyx and I finally gave up but ...
3. then wasting another week trying (aka again phoning the P1 customer service centre) to get my new W1Max connection working (which unfortunately is still not working properly... Can someone please help me?????)
4. trying to stay calm over what have been happening in Perak. But I think my blood is rising la.
5. trying to meet the deadline (and what else is new!!)
6. helping the wife with her Internet business
7. thinking of ways to make more money (so that I can pay off my mounting debts etc)
8. thanking my lucky star that I don't have to travel to Las Vegas this month (what with the swine flu and the sorry state of my bank account)
9. finishing books bought from the MPH and Times warehouse sale
10. trying to figure something clever to write about for this blog
11. getting on my daughters' nerves
12. trying to become a biggest loser (with no apparent progress in sight though but I must, I must and I must!)