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I was tagged by bro TokAsid under the Tagged: All Five. First time for me. But I’m really a lazy bum...
Apparently this tag requires you to disclose a bit about yourself. Am I ready to share my inner thoughts and emotions, and risk making myself sound err very not educated? It's quite personal and private really. But I say what the heck… orang lain dah buat, it’s my turn. There’s nothing really except maybe you’ll find that I’m a terribly boring person. Yeah, that.

Five things in my bag( work bag that I carry around when I go to work):
1- A fiction titled The Bookman’s Last Fling by John Dunning that I just bought from this neat and cool bookstore called Xcess at Amcorp Mall.
2- My notebook
3- My big pencil case (actually ini my daughter Alia yang punya but she has so many pencil cases so the bapak rembat satu). At last count, the case contains 21 pens of various colours, four highlighters of four main colours, an eraser, 8 pencils (both mechanical and the good old 2B ones), red marker and a ruler.
4- My two pen drives – Kalau hilang nih, I cry!!!
5- Buku Mari Belajar Sembahyang (bought at a store in UH – ingatkan nak go thru my bacaan sembahyang while on duty temankan my mak recently). Tak buka2 lagi pun… hmmm

Five things in my wallet:
1. Mykad
2. My driving license
3. My Bank Cards – ada Maybank, ada CIMB. (Tak de credit cards, legaaaaa)
4. My mom’s BSN bank card and my mom- in-law CIMB card. (Tukang simpan jer)
5. Money – yang banyak duit seringgit je. Ehm alahai…

Five things in my favourite room (Bedroom):
1. My computer (can spend hours in front of the PC blogging)
2. The bed – kalau diberi peluang boleh tidur siang dan malam but then Yan will bising2 lah..
3. My perfumes collection (for those nak tau my favourites are YSL’s Jazz and Davidoff‘s CoolWater)
4. This one purple notice board where Yan has turned into mementoes board when we put up our favorite photos and cards. (To see how it looks like, just go to Yan’s blog at www.mrsgoodthingshome.blogspot.com.)
5. My daughters – well of course they are not things but they somehow spend as much time in our bedroom as us. Why? Because the Internet’s here. But I enjoy having them here so I can ask them about boys and boys…Seriously, we had good conversations here ...

Five things I would like to do:
1. To go on a diet and stick to it. And then exercise like crazy no matter what.
2. To perform umrah and haji with my four sweethearts
3. To go on a holiday with the four sweethearts at all the places that I’ve been (that I enjoyed tremendously) namely London, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii, Atlanta and Kuching, Sarawak.
4. To renovate the house in Kampar (actually it was my mom-in-law's house in a certain taman perumahan) that we just recently bought.
5. To make our (Yan and I) soon to be launched business venture a huge success and turn us into a billionaire (this is not an angan-angan but cita-cita!)

Five things I'm currently on:
1. Trying very hard to find time to complete the first phase of our soon to be launched venture
2. Looking very seriously to find a better paying job (should I apply back to NST or not????)
3. Trying to finish all the never ending work at the office.
4. Taking care of my mother and also my mak mertua. I’m happy that both are with us at the moment.
5. Figuring out the budget for the upcoming Raya.

There, hush susah jugak rupanya…..I’m tempted to end this meme but I’m no Agong, so I hereby tag the wife Yan, my daughter Asma, my cousin Anom and Yone and my new found fellow father blogger friend Haq’s Dad of Four.