Er.. Excuse Me, What Life???

This blog is titled The Life of a Bapak. But, sad to say that presently this Bapak has no life. Wait, ada life but its very the monotonously boring one, at least for now lah! I don't even have anything worthwhile let alone clever to post and share.

And I'm so tired with the goings on at the office. I'm too old for office politics. And I really don't have a brain to entertain er... the not so bright people who whine and whine when things do not go their way. And mind you, I'm not that intelligent to begin with. So imagine, what kind of people that I have to deal with... ooh whatever!

"A common problem at the workplace is confusing activity with accomplishment or results. That's probably why we spend hours on end in meetings, engaging in verbal jousting and exchange of semantics, completely oblivious to one simple fact: all the running around doesn’t really get us anywhere.Activities are often just cosmetic. At the end of the day, it’s the results that matter, you know." - a wise word from The Kimster.

But then again, this is life! Deal with it, right?