Family Day (11 years later)

The last time I updated this space was soon after my mak left us. That was mid last year. And then I got busy and I updated most happenings in FB. Lagi senang.

But this space has a special place in my heart.

And the last time we had a family day of sorts were in 2002 - both for my side and Yan's family. And then we all got busy with our lives.

Until recently... when Kak Zai suggested a family getaway together. It was meant to be a "celebration" of sorts too for my BIL has recovered from his bypass operation he underwent last December. So the Cheras gang took the lead and organised the trip.

The venue was chosen - a three day two night stay at a Pantai Seaview Resort in Jeram Selangor. The date: late march (of course to coincide with the school holidays la)

The agenda was pretty basic... relax and makan-makan... lots of it. I mean the eating part. Three out of five families were there and it was a riot. We have had major fun! And two weeks down the road, I'm still reminiscing the wonderful moments we share together.