How to attend a luncheon meeting on a Sunday and then did not turn up at a wedding later (and still menjadi sahabat setia!!!)?

I do have a serious problem. Unless its a meeting that involves my bosses, I tend not to be punctual. I used to be very particular about time but somehow, I've been slacking. I need to do something about this.

Like this afternoon, I was late again. I was supposed to attend a luncheon meeting with the rest of the Anak-Anak TTOT committee at the UiTM Hotel in Shah Alam.

Urm okay, the truth is, I planned to be late for this. I thought I was being clever that by coming in late, I'll skip the meeting and just go straight to the lunch portion. But although I was like one and half hour late (of course, the ever reliable Kak Mah texted me asking me where was I), the meeting was very much in session when Yan and I waltzed in. Hmm.

Anyway, it was a post mortem kind of meeting on the recent family gathering. There will be more events coming up for Anak-Anak TTOT. I guess, to all Anak-Anak TTOT, we'll keep you posted through this space and Facebook.

Okay, that's all for now .... .need to be punctual for something now!!!

And Dear Leen,
My apology again... betul-betul tak sempat nak datang your sister punya wedding just now... sampai rumah jer terus hujan lebat giler (this is the best excuse yang I can think of now lar.. nanti I revise lah). Kami sekeluarga akan terus menjalin tali persahabatan selama-lamanya dengan you. Hahaaaaaa!!
From: Your Sahabat Sejati.

Ayah Chu, Mak Nah, Kak Shima and Kak EllaKak Mah, Norlia and Yan.
Kak Yayah with Wan Jah and lain-lain.
Abang Man and Abang Lit catching up with each other
Sessi Bertukar Resipi .. Mak Engku Lina, Yan with Kak Odi and Nyah Intan.
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Us... hehehehe