Ada Apa Pada Nama?

Ya, ada apa pada nama? Well, if you ask me - a lot like your self worth. That's why I blew my top today (my version of blowing my top ler).

It started when I was flicking through the latest VM magazine this morning and I noticed that my name is no longer a sub-editor of the magazine but just one of the writers. And no one had the decency to tell me of this new development. So much for giving most of my time - at the expense of family time - to the company. Yeah right, now people will of course say that I'm such a lousy employee that this company had to demote me.

So I wrote a nasty email and switched off my PC and walked off from the office. They tried to call me while I was driving but I was to rile up to talk to these people.

But the best thing is that I just got an email and the boss had sent email to those concern to put me back in as the sub editor in the next issue. Ya lah tu.... nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

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