Virtual Malaysia

Ini kami at 3.30am still at the office. Let me introduce my office mates - Ezali, Arida, Linda, Suhaila, Edward, Asiah and Me.

The company I worked with is on cloud nine. Their effort to get the Virtual Malaysia portal to be endorsed by the Tourism Ministry as the Tourism Malaysia official portal finally came after like zillion times of false alarm. The launch and announcement was held last Monday. Everybody from the office were there except me. Why? Because I went back home at 5.30am that morning and I was thinking to have a short nap before I drive over to MTC, Jalan Ampang before the launch starts at 11am.

Balik rumah, tidur and bila bangun sudah 12.30 noon. Ha ha ha. Padan muka. Ini ler penangan kalau tak tidur malam 2 hari berturut-turut.

However, for all its shortcomings, I must say that the people at the Virtual Malaysia office are one very passionate bunch and most of them are willing to work beyond the call of duty. Susah nak cari this kind of people at most companies today, tambah-tambah a Bumiputra company. I should know, I've worked with many companies before. Now if only they could pay me a little bit more....

Tahniah to all.

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